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about the cookbook
the family cookbook is our latest attempt to share our favorite recipes with our friends and family.
what's new
What we've added recently. At this point, that's pretty much everything.
the recipes
The recipes we have so far. Eventually we'll provide a nicer listing.
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We'd love to hear from you. Have you enjoyed one of our recipes? Is there a recipe you'd like to share? Let us know!

about the cookbook

Many years ago, shortly after we were married, and Jane and I put together something we called The Family Cookbook. It began as a collection of recipes that had been popular with Jane's family; then we added many recipes from my family, and from our friends. We printed them out in a proportional font (ooh! aah!), xeroxed a bunch of copies, put them in white binders, and gave them to family and friends for Christmas that year. Since then, we've often talked about updating the Family Cookbook, and I've even made some abortive attempts in that direction. Meanwhile, Jane's copy has become increasingly disreputable looking--due, in part, to a serious chocolate mousse disaster, and in part to her tendency to shove every new recipe she finds into the binder.

At last the time has come to try again, and this time we're taking it on-line. Over the next few years we'll be adding our favorite recipes to this page, so watch this space.

what used to be new

We'll list new stuff here.

the recipes

Ultimately, we will have the cookbook broken into sections by each kind of recipe. For now, when we're just getting started, we'll just list them here.

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