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Sunday, 1 June 2003

[Will Duquette, 08:15 AM (link)]
WE'VE MOVED! You can find the latest "Foothills" weblog posts at our new address, http://foothills.wjduquette.com. Why the change?

To date, I've been managing this blog with code I've written myself, and it's been working pretty well; among other things, it means that the blog is tightly couple to the rest of the site. But I've been wanting more features; in particular, I've been wanting to allow readers to post comments. Given time I could implement such a thing, but it's time I'd rather spend on other things. So I'm moving to a package called Movable Type that runs on my server and takes care of all of the housekeeping, including reader comments.

Over the next few days I intend to import all of the past posts from this weblog into that one, so they'll be accessible in one place; the existing archives will remain in place so that old permalinks will continue to function.

So...come visit us at our new home!

Home : Foothills : Archives : June 2003
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