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A Notebook is a collection of pages on any topic that interests you. Every notebook has a "Home" page; that's your starting point. Here's the Home page you get when you create a new notebook. You can edit it any way you like. Also, notice the "Search" field; you've got full text search of every page in your notebook always at your finger tips.

Notebook is about storing your information so that you can find it again easily. That means you need to be able to make it look nice, so that your eyes are drawn to the important parts. Notebook lets you add various kinds of formatting quickly and with minimal typing or clicking. Here's a page that shows some of the things you can do.

Normal word processors and web page editors make you use a variety of special keys or mouse clicks to format your text. To add links, you probably need to highlight some text, click a tool bar button, and then enter the link information into a dialog box. That's too much work. Instead, Notebook lets you enter special formatting and links to other pages just be typing a few extra characters into your text. The following screen shot shows what the Sandbox page (shown above) looks like while you're editing it.

Notebook is full of other features as well, for example, the "Index" button on the toolbar takes you to an alphabetized index of all of the pages in your notebook.

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