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are we all seated comfortably?

Over the years I've written a number of little bits of fiction, as well as some longer bits, and I've decided to share some of them with the 'Net. I intend to add bits and pieces over time; new additions will be announced on our web log.

short stories

The Conspiracy
I wrote this shortly after being moved from my nice office with walls that went to the ceiling and a door that closed into a cubicle. But the events that follow, and the people to whom they occur, have no basis in reality. Fortunately.

The Thing on the Patio
Sooner or later, everyone who has ever read H.P. Lovecraft has to try their hand at a Lovecraft pastiche. Here's my own attempt to ring a few changes on a Lovecraft staple.

The Old Man in the Hat Comes Back
An epic poem, with apologies and compliments to Doctors Tolkien and Seuss.

The Lonesome Death of Joe-Joe Valenti
A bit of hardboiled fiction. Sort of.

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